About the Portal

The Roundtable Discussions Meeting which has been held during the OIC Conference of Ministers Responsible for Water (5-6 March 2012, Istanbul, Türkiye) strongly recommended the establishment of a web portal on water resources to facilitate matching the needs of the Member States with their offers in terms of training, capacity-building, exchange of experience, expertise and technical assistance. The Meeting welcomed the offer by SESRIC to collect information from Member States on their needs and offers for cooperation. In this connection, SESRIC established this web portal on water resources in the OIC Member States and developed a specific water resources capacity building questionnaire for this purpose.

Furthermore, the Second Meeting of the OIC Water Council, which was held in Cairo, Egypt on 21-22 October 2019, adopted a set of recommendations for increasing intra-OIC cooperation to implement the OIC Water Vision and emphasized the important role of the OIC Portal on Water Resources in facilitating the exchange of experiences, transfer of innovative techniques and sharing success stories in the field of water.