9th World Water Forum

Venue : Dakar  

Dakar, the capital of the Republic of Senegal, will host the 9th World Water Forum on 22 - 27 March 2021. The largest international water-related event will take place for the first in sub-Saharan Africa. Participants from all over the world, including political and economic decision-makers, multilateral institutions, academia, civil society and the private sector will come together to identify, promote and implement concrete responses and actions for water and sanitation in an integrated way.

Taking place every three years, the World Water Forum represents a unique platform where “the international community can bring together a diversity of shared knowledge, raise awareness for water issues among political, social and economic decision makers based on shared knowledge, align activities toward a common agenda, and create collective action to reach those shared goals, notably but not limited to the SDGs.”

The 9th World Water Forum will focus on four priorities, namely:

  1. Water Security and Sanitation
  2. Water for Rural Development
  3. Cooperation
  4. Means and Tools including the crucial issues of financing, governance, knowledge management and innovation; four axes that constitute priorities for Africa, but also for the world as a whole.

For more information, please visit: https://www.worldwaterforum.org/en; https://www.worldwatercouncil.org/en/dakar-2021