IWRA 2021 Online Conference on ‘One Water, One Health: Water, Food & Public Health in a Changing World’

Venue : Virtual-SESRIC, Ankara - Turkey  

The International Water Resources Association will organise and online conference on “One Water, One Health: Water, Food and Public Health in a Changing World” which is planned to take place on 07-9 June 2021.

As much of 2020 has been focused on public health with the COVID-19 pandemic disrupting farming, production, and shipping, the fragilities of the interconnected systems are more apparent than ever. Water is a critical factor in both agriculture and food processing, as well as in nutrition and broader human health issues. These complex nexus of sectors are often treated separately, from both a science and a policy perspective. Examining the inter-linkages between water, food and public health is now more critical than ever, especially as the world changes in response to the stressors of pandemics, climate change, population growth and urbanisation.

IWRA’s online conference aims, therefore, to facilitate and inspire dialogue, knowledge sharing, and science-based solutions for the sustainable management of water resources across all sectors, scales and communities at the interface between science and policy on this crucial and timely theme.

More information and details regarding the conference themes and sub-theme will be available soon on www.iwraonlineconference.org