Construction of a Desalination Plant at the Mamelles Site in Dakar, The Republic of Senegal

Venue : Dakar-Senegal  

Drinkable water deficit is expected to surge from 202.017 m3 per day in 2025 to 390.888 m3 per day in 2035 in Dakar, the capital of the Republic of Senegal. Factors like demographic expansion in the capital and the surrounding cities exacerbate the demand for drinkable water. Therefore, it is essential for Dakar to diversify its sources of water supply and thereby prevent future water related crisis.

The plant project at the Mamelles site has also the advantage of being close to the capital, hence minimising the risk of disruption like the event of 2013 when the plant of Keur Momar Sarr stopped functioning for two weeks, leaving Dakar without water.

With this project, 100,000 m3 additional drinkable water will be available for the region of Dakar. In terms social and economic objectives, the project will serve both local users and the industrial sector to satisfy their water consumption needs. Other benefits include access to water supply 24/7, renewing nearly 420 km of water network, improving the water network in terms of performance and eventually reduce not billed water from 27% to 20%.

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