The Kingdom of Morocco: The Safe Drinking Water Project

Venue : Kingdom of Morocco  

Like other OIC Member States, Morocco has gone through challenging times in achieving sustainable water supply in rural areas. The Taza province of Morocco was facing acute shortage of water supply, a problem confronted by many other provinces and regions of the OIC. The “Safe Drinking Water Project” of the Islamic Development Bank (IsDB) aimed to support the province with a framework to tackle the problem of access to clean drinking water and affecting the lives of the inhabitants. Within the framework of the project, water supply infrastructure was enhanced by the provision of 468 km of transmission and distribution network, 30 pumping stations, 24 water reservoirs, 217 public standpipes, 2,280 individual connections, 13 km electricity supply lines and remote controls.

Under this successful project 81,147 inhabitants in 155 villages and 11 rural communities gained access to safe drinking water. Moreover, it helped to improve the water supply to 234,639 inhabitants in the province.

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