IsDB Success Stories in the area of Water

Venue : Senegal-Togo-Bangladesh-Pakistan  

The Islamic Development Bank (IsDB) provides support to its Member Countries in various sectors, including Agriculture, Education, Energy, Finance, Health and Social Services, Industry and Mining, Information and Communications, Public Administration, Real Estate, Trade, Transport, and Water, Sanitation and Urban. These sector-based projects are implemented in collaboration with the Member Countries along with other partners to ensure knowledge transfer, sharing of best practices for greater impact, and successful delivery of innovative solutions to development challenges.

In the area of water and water-related fields, the Bank highlighted some success stories that improved significantly peoples’ life and had a great impact on the community, namely:


  1. Tapping to a better future: Clean water for rural Senegal
  2. Water: Rural Supply in Kara and Savanes, Togo
  3. Water and Health: Relief to Cycloneprone Coastal Areas of Bangladesh
  4. arnessing the Force of Water: Hydropower in Northern Pakistan

For more information about the IsDB Water, Sanitation and Urban related projects and other sector-based projects, please click here to access the IsDB Projects Database.

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